Lock numberpad value possible?

Is there any way we could lock numberpad value to be entered either by keyboard or from the screen keypad?
So no employees could enter values manually for quantity?

By keyboard or onscreen pad? How is that locked?
If you change menu category to hide keypad that will then not show onscreen, keyboard would still enter numberpad number though.
You could autocancel order on order added is numberpad not equals null…

I just want to block employees to enter values from keyboard and screen keypad.
Numberpad value can be entered via scanner.

Hide keypad on menu prevents screen.
Keyboard will be harder as barcode scanner is usually seen by pc as a hid/keyboard.

Its barcodes your scanning right?
You could try autocancel on order added if numberpad not null and see what happens, not sure on the barcode flow as to whether order added with numberpad constraint would be triggered by barcode entered or not.
Failing that set the constraint to autocancel if numberpad not matches conditions that limits to range close to barcode match such as length, starting chars, or similar.

As we have scale integration in samba. If a person integrated a scale to samba and start doing the transactions. Now if an employee come and entered the numbers from keyboard or keypad and then press the item. In this way he manipulated the system and did a thiefing.
How can we stop this?

Whats the keyboard for?

If the system have a physical keyboard connected to it.

You stop it by firing the employee and letting them all know you are watching.


Ok but before that what if they thief and didnt show up next day, than its a loss customer have to pay.
Thank you

There is not a perfect way to prevent that. You could unplug keyboard. And turn off number pad on menu.

The are several security ‘gaps’ when we are talking about being stolen by an employee and not necessary caused by the POS system, anyone can steal you money, products, etc. but we must have procedures to avoid being stolen and what to do if that happens like firing them, a criminal complaint, etc.

For example: In a market that has scales they can modify quantity by keyboard but the recruitment process and other procedures minimize the probability of being stolen and even with that, that happens sometimes.


They could also stick a finger on scale. Pos systems are not designed to prevent theft. They are to increase productivity and speed.


Exactly, how in supermarket person can change values manually. Now the thing is people can steal even if your recruitment procedure is good.
Only one suggestion i can give to samba developers, to minimize all these problems if you guys just put a different section or field for the scale or samba changing the quantity live rather than showing on numberpad.

This is literally a silly statement i ever heard from anybody.
Than what about those big grocries who have guards outside checking every bill and what about supervisors doing with swipe cards? Just to scare employees that hey m watching you…

I believe most of the time security guards are there as deterrents.
People can go to great lengths to steal, customers can switch price tags, lie about how many items are in the bag, and ESPECIALLY if it’s staff, if the cash drawer opens after a customer pays cash, then they can steal as much as they want from the till. I’ve heard that restaurants have to lock their toilet paper away, because staff steal them.

Again, there’s really no way to stop people from stealing, unless you micromanage EVERYTHING, but do we have time for that?..unfortunately not.

Ok than what if a person business only on selling weighing food, so offcourse the first thing he wants to minimize stealing from is this numberpad problem.

You never answered why you need the keyboard?
You have a scale and barcode reader, whats the keyboard for?

Isn’t that the same thing?

You havnt explained the need for keyboard.
You won’t be able to differentiate between barcode and keyboard as windows won’t differentiate between them.
If you want for change quantity create seperate flow for change quantity with prompt making numberpad only for barcode and scale.
Or like I said filter values on pattern to match barcodes but ignore low qty type numbers.