Lockdown Frishy Fryday Takeaway Night

Anyone looking for ideas, the hotel did a Friday night takeaway fish and chips special.
Phone orders between 5.30 and 7.30.
We did 175 covers. Pretty much sold out by 6.30.
Was so busy new phone system couldnt cope.
Received almost 900 calls in 2 hours which is almost as much as they took overall in whole of February.
Phone system queue peaked at almost 40 in the que.
Definatly better doing a single night special over prolonged daily takeaway setup.

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Wow! Who would have thought, eh? Are you planning on keeping it going?

Well, we all know how you guys love to queue! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

However, I would like two for takeaway. I’ll need a quote on deliver charges, though. Oh, and how much for extra brown sauce?

Yer, but for this week I’ve sorted online ordering, preordered for collection 5-7.30
15 minute collection windows with 10 orders per window limit.
Basic but had to get ready in 2 days to go live tomorrow.

Are you using gloriafood?

That looks custom it’s definitely not Gloriafood.

No, its just woocommerse, for half a dozen one off nights didn’t want the hassle of a new system.
Its for preorders and doesn’t need to be intergrated.

Was mainly sharing the experiance of offering a reduced service once a week. With most staff on ferlough its easier to work a single busy shift that try and do 7 days.

That’s an awesome promotion idea. Glad it was a success for you. Here’s something we are doing which we implemented through woocommerce is we created a market the products we sell so people can order meats milk and eggs while they order their meals too.

Still, it looks good!

At least you can open for takeaway. If we’re caught opening for whatever reason one loses his license for 6 months. Second violation is permanent ban from operating.

We also have a 1800-0600 curfew. I spent the night in jail because I was walking my dog on the beach at 2030. I do not recommend jail in Central America 1/5 stars.


Just curious, did you have a jail cell to yourself? Or were there other violators with you in the same cell?

Private cell jaja! You’re a funny guy! =]

There was 25 of us in a 4.5mX4.5m room. Two walls functioned as the urinals.

Seems slightly counter productive to isolation…
Takeaways can still run with measures for distanced collection.
B&Q does timed click and collect along with some garages and places like that. But casual and social types are closed.
Supermarkets are only real shops open you can go into.

I’m at a loss of words to describe how backward that seems…

9 orders already in :slight_smile:

But it isn’t Friday. :thinking:

Just how far ahead is BST?

Lol, specifically did online to do preorders without staff onsite for phones etc.
Up to 50 orders totaling 125 items - almost £1100. Couple of collection windows already fully booked.
3/4 of original stock allocation of cod already ordered and paid.

Somewhat anecdotal:

And old GM of mine’s father (Irish immigrant) had a deli/bakery on the south-side of Chicago. Durring the depression he lowered his prices and gave larger portions with the reasoning that “now is when people need it the most”. He weathered the great depression (or, perhaps, the just-okay-depression if things continue…) and the family still owns it. There are generations of locals that still go there because “grandpa said go to Walsh’s place; they’ll take care of you”.

I guess where I was going is keep taking care of your guests - they will remember when times get better.

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GM is organising a special NHS support event next week with free fish and chips for NHS staff.
Has got several other local businesses to get involved aswell and there is work the local BBC news might be sending someone out to report on the event.

Well out NHS giveaway made local news :slight_smile:

Did you get your 15min of fame?

Boss got 30 secconds LOL