Locked myself out of the main menu screen

Is there a way to use SQL management studio to add another user, i wanted to create a rule where when a user logs in you are taken straight to the pos screen and not the main menu. I stupidly set this up on all users so i have now locked myself out of accessing the main menu.

the rule works fine, when a user logs in it opens the pos screen however my action was to create a ticket and as i have autolog out enabled if i close the ticket i am logged out, and as a ticket is created the main menu doesnt work so im stuck in a cycle of logging in and logging out with no access to the main menu

@Jesse, @emre any ideas? ive spent a few hours without backing up so if there is a way to add another user through sql it will save a lot of work being lost

First you should always keep an admin account that is immune to any rules that do this behavior. Second you can do this without rules. Simple roles will achieve this. You can edit anything with SQL but a restore would be less potential damage even if you need to redo your work.

When implementing automated processes especially stuff that can break the system like auto logout you need to think it through completely before implementing.

I looked at roles but couldnt find a combination that would give full admin access but log straight into POS screen when logging in instead of logging into main menu then clocking POS. Any ideas or is it a case of setting up a separate admin user and set up all other users to log straight into POS using roles?

You should not use admin user when making tickets etc. Keep it for just admin functions. Create manager and employee users instead.