Log a clerk off from the POS Screen during a transaction

This was working before has has suddenly stopped. 1 clerk used a fob to log on type in some products, another clerk could come along and log in and types some products in without losing the 1st clerks details. when the 1st clerk logs in the items are on screen.
How Can I get this function back ?

Your questions a little vaige.
How were you doing this before?
This is not a default ability in samba so has been added.
Usually ‘switch user’ type flows require the 2nd user to logout the first user which is permitted through some configeration like adding a ticket tag of the 1st users name which allows the ticket to be closed without entity/payment.

Well it was an ability when I got the tills.
I’m not sure how to explain in more detail the problem is simple
A clerk cannot log off when on the main screen is open and a ticket has been started, the clerk that opens the screen cannot log off until the payment has been taken or the items cancelled.

A ticket needs an entity by default to be closed.
My switch user setup adds a ticket tag which can also allow the ticket to be closed without an entity which forms the basis of the function.
Without knowing how you were achiving before its hard to tell you what to change to fix…
Have a look in the automation rules for anything which sounds like switch user or user related and post some screenshots.

Just want to check, were you using SambaPOS before? What happened that it stopped working? Can you explain more about that.

Nothing happened one day it worked the next it didn’t unless someone accessed the time but i’m the only adminisrtator

It wouldn’t just stop like that.
Something has been changed for it to stop working how it was before.

What version of SambaPOS are you using? Do you have a backup from the previous day you can restore on another system to check?

Alrighy I shall take a look