Login Screen Vulnerable

I have a slight issue which may be funny, i currently run an implementation of sambapos on an all-in-one double screen pos system, when employees are logging in just because if a button is clicked its highlighted in blue, other employees tend to know each other passwords when logging in even at the customer screen which is not secure and currently having theft issues, is there a way employees can login without the buttons highlighting blue? thanks.

I use version 4.1.82

I use barcodes, so you can create their passwords as barcodes so they just scan to login, you can do the same with mag cards or dallas keys

If they loose it you can change password so if their card is stolen it cant be used and issue them a new one with new barcode/mag card

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They dont even know their passwords so no sharing them with each other

Not everyone can use barcodes though, @emre it’s not a big issue, maybe this can be added to V5 todo

PIN codes are not designed for security. We use it for identification. I doubt turning highlight off for buttons will improve security. As @RickH suggested you can use mag card readers or barcode scanners. See this video to see how it works.

You can enable English subtitles.

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I use USB RFID readers, available on ebay for about £5 each and the RDID fibs are about £25 for 100.


Hello guys

Can you explain to us how RFID readers and the bar codes can be set up ? I have the same issue

They just send into like keyboard presses. You program them and they work no setup on SambaPOS side. So if you program it for code 1234 it sends 1234 just like you had typed it on keyboard.

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The computer just sees MSR, Barcode and RFID readers as HID/Keyboard, they can ‘type’/input simulated keystrokes at a very fast speed.
My RFID thobs have about a 10 diget serial number which gets input virtually instantly.

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Okay thanks everyone for your contributions…