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Dear John,
How you added this logo on main screen when I put my logo in that path my screen gone blank.
Is there any size issue or something else?

There are two possible paths however the one in my documents takes priority.

It needs to be called logo.png

Have you used a different name/file format?

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nope i have png file and i also tried after added .png in file name.
but I am copying file in drive C: program files\ samba posv4\images
becuse in my documents there is samba pos folder but inside there is not images folder.

You need to create the images folder!

Logo should be in;
That is on Windows 7 at least.


Exactly the same in windows 10 pro

I have been usign this since version -2.10 Beta



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Like this?
But this is also not working

Its called logo1 for a start :stuck_out_tongue:

It should be called LOGO.PNG

and should be located as we stated in the exact path… otherwise it wont work.


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