Logout button on register screen

Hello, going live today for the first time.

Is there a way to add a ‘logout’ button on the main register screen? Id rather the staff saw a big button reminding them to log out rather than the small ‘main menu’ button at the bottom.



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There is an Auto Logout option you can use:

Or you can create an Automation Command button to perform the Logout User Action via a Rule:


Automation Command (button):


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Thanks for the swift reply.

Again, I think im surffering by using sambapos3 - as logout user isnt there.

Im planning on upgrading this weekend so hopfully I can iron out all these gremlins.

Thanks again, ill revert back to this when im upgraded.


Ah, but you don’t suffer as much as those who use something other than SambaPOS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very true, me included…

there was me thinking unicenta was lead in the opensource pos software! How did I survive the last 6 months!?

Cant stress enough how amazing and scriptable this software is!

I used it first time friday daytime for my milkshake bar, and it was brilliant. I let the staff use it in the evening for my cocktail bar and they said how much better it was! 1 more thing to sort out aside from the upgrade, but ill not say that here… ill check for other topics.