Looking for 5.1.60 executable

We’ve written an extensive amount of code targeting 5.1.60 and unfortunately cannot use the latest release for our terminal. Does anyone have the installer for 5.1.60?

Intriged what’s preventing the use of latest version?

Perhaps you should not have designed your code around a specific version like that. I’m not sure if anyone can help you. That is an old version.

I struggle to believe your code can only be used with .60 …

What kind of “code” are we talking about here?

Code that interfaced with the message server. I’m not sure if later releases of the message server API are in fact backwards compatible, but it absolutely freaks me out that just trying to connect a new terminal instance of SambaPOS initiates SQL ALTER TABLE to the production database.

Some of us cannot devote full time commitment to bringing code up to latest release changes. When I used to write code professionally, vendors would release LTS (long term support) versions to prevent breakage and shear.

I’m not sure why old releases have to be locked away?

kendash, you’re usually pretty intelligent on the forums, not sure why you jumped the gun this time around. When 5.1.60 was released, there was very little documentation around the GraphQL API. We pushed for the features we needed and although I’m not 100% sure the latest release would in fact cause breakage, I’m also not willing to take chances until the latest release is properly burned in, in a staging environment.

Please understand that we’ve fought though message server memory leaks, performance bottlenecks, inefficient SQL / EF queries basically DDoSsing the database to get to a stable environment where we are today.

Not sure how to take that but anyway. GraphQL had several changes since that version. We don’t know what code your referring to nor what your using Sambapos for. They certainly are not going to backtrack for that. Hopefully you find what you want.

Just need the 5.1.60 executable so I can install an instance to connect to production database. Production terminal is running 5.1.60

Surely there must be a build someplace. Not sure why you think it’s “backtracking” to offer an executable for a paying customer who needs to support a production environment but ok!

Oddly enough …


There’s a one year time gap between 5159a.exe and 5162f.exe

This is my production samba pos running with version number displaying in title bar.

If I remember that was the introduction of GraphQL. It has been improved on since with more queries available. You will need to msg @Tayfun all links to the older versions has been removed.

Want to know what your queries effected in last versions. If it’s special you can write me an email: vehbi@sambapos.com
I want to help you for solving this situation.