Loop through all orders of a ticket

Hi, I want to loop through all orders of a ticket and update order tags, can it be done? How?

So far I’ve tried:

Create Automation Command ‘x’
Rule [Automation command executed] calls action of type Loop Values named ‘y’, value is {:ORDERS}
Rule [value Looped] calls action update orders.

I’ve been trying for hours and cannot get it to run.

I am fairly sure that can not be done. You need to select all of the orders first to apply an Update Order Tag. Looping is used for processing multiple tickets, not orders.

Can you describe your situation so we have a clearer picture of what you need to achieve.

You don’t need to loop to update order tags. Update Order Tag action automatically loops all orders. If you can give more details about your case I can give better advice.

From the ticket screen I want to create a button that tags all orders with a certain order Tag (Take Away).

Works, i’ve looked too far…
Thanks a lot!