Lost product Key


Again you would need to talk to tayfun
Its hard to remember your name? LOL :stuck_out_tongue:
Have you restarted samba after?


remembering my name is not concern but in which format i used as a user name is is difficult…
BTW what is tayfun?
yes i restarted samba…


@tayfun is a sambapos official on the forum, the rest of us are only users/forum regulars who can help/advise but not make changes to licences like your requesting.


great job…will chk with him…


So whats happening, is activate button disabled?

Do this;
In SambaPOS
uninstall licence module
logout samba market

On cp.sambapos.com
clear licence key

In SambaPOS
instal licence module
login sambamarket


Dont think you know what your talking about mate, since samba doesn’t use a key/serial - it used server to activate.


He only joined an hour ago


It’s spam but thought I’d have some fun and see if there was a reply.