Lost settle button from pos menu

How can we print before the payment.

So you want to print bill manually with button press or you want it to print automatically after payment is received and balance = 0?

automatically when the balance is zero

And you want Kitchen Ticket to send to kitchen after payment and balance = 0 as well?

yes you got it right

or we can print the ticket for kitchen even before payment is made as order may needed to be updated

Look here this discussion covers most of it. BTW its a good habit to use the forum search function and almost 99% of time your questions have been answered before. Search is upper right corner of forum next to your avatar.

But can i get a button for kitchen print out on payment screen. Just below print bill button

Yes you can. Look at how the Print Bill rule is setup. You can copy this but the Print Bill action you just put the Print Job that handles the Kitchen Template instead of the Ticket Template .

Currently this Print Bill button is also not functioning.
Don’t understand why ? !!!

I dont either because I have no clue what you have changed. By default it works. If I knew more of what you have changed specifically with Printer Templates, and Print jobs etc. I could help you more.

Best advice I can give you at this point since your new to Samba. Use the forum search and read as much as you can. Look at tutorials section.

That i have done for this settle button but could not find.
But for kitchen templets etc i have studied and done the testing successfully.
But after change it is all gone.
Both the default print templets and the print button.

Do this again what should I show you.

A good start is telling me what this change you mentioned was. I have no clue what you changed. I cant help you if I do not know.

One more thing I tried to do is un install the whole software
then install it
But It took all the settings again.
then I tried to un installed the software and then sql also
but still could not remove the settings
or reload the default settings.

Please let me know How can I completely remove the package and then re install with default data base
And before that I just want to take a back up of my product list.

You need to understand how a Database works. All of the buttons, rules, settings, etc are stored in the SQL database not the program. Uninstalling program does nothing if you do not delete the database. If you want to start fresh you do not need to uninstall the program you just need to delete the database and let Samba create a new one.

Did you install the LocalDB version or are you using SQL Express ?

Is there any way to get default templets from some where and then copy it

Sure just delete your database and Samba will create a new default one. So did you install with LocalDB or are you running SQL Express?

But it would delete the product list also. I think,
I installed local db

Any way thanks kendash for your support.
I would try my hands again.
Although it would take time but we have to do it to understand it.

Yes it would. You can look here on how to export your product list.

This is for SQL Express. If you installed LocalDB then look here:

This tells you that with Microsoft SQL server Management Studio you can connect to your database using (localdb)\V11.0 as instance name. Once connected you can follow my tutorial above.

If you want more control over the database you should install SQL Express 2014 and have Samba Connect to it using the connection string.

Instructions can be found here on how to set this up: