Loyality programm - diffirent percentages for diffirent clients

I make a standard loyalty program system in SambaPOS5, but my client wants to different percentages for sambacards, for example - 5%, 10%. I think that I can use different accounts and different accounts screens, but it’s not comfortable.

You could just set up different calculations that are applied to ticket entity changed event

Have a field in their entity for loyalty value where you set it as 5 or 10 or whatever you want for each individual

When you scan their loyalty card it will automatically add their entity to the ticket with the loyalty discount calculation that will auto deduct the value you setup in their entity loyalty value field

I think it not for my system. Look at this rule. Maybe I can use constraints?

You need to put in the amount field a variable amount based on the person you are giving the discount too

If you setup as I explained above you would change the 10/100 to { ENTITY DATA:Loyalty Value }/100

Where the value of the entity data is the figure 5,10 or whatever you setup in the customer entity

Read this tutorial i did it may help you understand the flow


I made a loyalty where you can use as many different VIP levels as you want using sambacard


Thx for all! I found the solution. Look at my screenshots.
5%25 10%25

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