Loyalty card open table auto when swipe

hi when i swipe card auto it is opening table i have customize sambacard and the numers of card is not proper when i swipe card.
can some one help me for this please and i have share the picture of screen and card

The numbers are how it was encoded. You can’t do much about that unless you use a mask to hide the starting and trailing numbers.

mask? i dint get you can you give me some idea please

So your cards were encoded with those numbers. You can’t change that unless you get more cards with only the numbers you want encoded. You may be able to use a mask but I’m not good with those.

any similar tutorial about this here i have check a lot but i dint got

Yeah there is a lot of references to masks on the forum.

will this be helpful for me

If card reader has utility the ; or % and ? Can be removed in that.
These are standard on all MSR and signify start and end.
You could also look at changing flow and use helper or script to slice off unneeded parts before searching. FYI before you ask I am not writing out instructions for this.

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