Loyalty program as a point system

Dear expertise. I hope I would get valuable help from here on v4 . I am using v4 and now I want to launch loyalty program as a point system for my customer. I want to give 10% discount on every bill as a point to customer. Suppose a customer came and he spend 1000 dollar then automatically he will get 10% ( 100 point) in his account. Next time he will come and he will spend suppose 500 dollar then automatically he will get 10% if his bill mean (50 points) in his account. Total he got 150 points in his account. He can redeemed it anytime I mean he could but in 150 point anything from my shop. I want to create his account in samba like name , phone number and when he will order I will add items and getting money I will print the bill and sambapos automatically give point to him which is 10% of his bill. Something like that. Can somebody please explain how can do that in sambapos 4. I know it’s possible in it but do t know the process please help me out

Note@@@@. Point are actually money 1 point = 1 dollar. I am just using point instead of dollar

Do a search for Loyalty there is several tutorials out there.

Thanks for your reply. I am still reading but most of are sambacard related and I want just credit in customer account after shopping. More over there must be some rule like 10/100 something like that where to put and how do t know. Please help

Please help reading and reading but don’t know exact answer

You won’t find an exact answer because different users handle loyalty points differently.

This Tutorial shows how a Sambacard system was adapted to instead add funds to a Customer Account, either manually, or also based on a percentage of the Ticket Total.

I read this tutorial every thing is fine. But I could not proper implement 10% cash back on total bill to customer account. I am looking for step 1 to till the end. I am really sorry I know it’s a pain for you guys but honestly I am trying but could not achieved it yet. I just want to give 10% cash back to customer account after his bill.

Have you watched my loyalty video? Not exactly what your after but will help you understand and learn in order to create your own setup.

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Thanks. I watched it but it’s different then my concept. It thanks a lot

I know its different but will help you learn the automation and allow you to understand fro your implementation.

If I want to give 10% cash back to customers account every time they shop then what would be he formula and where to put it. Like rule and then action


Are you really trying to learn or do you just want someone to do it for you? The tutorials linked give you all the info you need to get started.

Formula for 10% can be done many ways but divide by 10 does the job… /10