Loyalty program without cards

SambaPOS can work with loyalty programs without cards? For example: using phone numbers?

you can use any data to store loyalty.

Ill be uploading a Loyalty on Wednesday if I got time :slight_smile:


Yes, most loyaty setups use entities like customers and just set the card number as the entity name.
The point of the cards to to speed it up and enter the number automatically when swiped or read rather than entering manually like you would a telephone number.
You could even use the search screen and go by customer name if you really wanted. But your just increasing taps and human entry and undoubtedly errors :slight_smile:


Just to add, Cards are good because people put it in their wallets or purse and so it becomes an advertising tool too.

Its a reminder that people have used you before and have a loyalty account. I bought 2000 cards for £400 a while back. Theyre great quality, look fab and just swipe and boom! Love it! :smiley:

My loyalty cards also double up as pre-payment/Gift Cards too.

Another venue I set up also uses them for VIP and so sets the right price for their 3 levels of VIP pricing. 3 different uses for the same card. Works like a charm!


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