Main Menu button locked

When an item is added to the order and is then removed (using the hard coded “cancel” button that i dont use, or my “remove item” button) the ticket appears to still be locked to an order even though there are no items on the order. The main menu button doesnt work so i cant get out of the POS screen, the only way to do it is to abort the order using my red “cancel order” button.

Is there anything i can add to my “remove item” button rule so that if there are no items left on the ticket the main menu button is accessible to use as it is before any items are added to the ticket. the main menu button stops working as soon as the 1st item is added but id like it to work again if all items are removed from ticket, as if you have just entered the pos screen as the order is empty

item added

remove item pressed

ticket goes back to “looking” like it did before any orders were added to it but main menu button still doesnt work and wont do until i click my red “cancel order” (abort) button

This is working as intended. It is designed to take an order off a ticket, not cancel a ticket. Just add close ticket to your rule.

Just remember if you add an automated close ticket action to cancel order button it will close ticket everytime you use it even if you have more items in ticket. Wont be a problem if your ok with that. If it is an issue you can constrain it to only close if no orders on ticket.

brill cheers, all working :slight_smile: