Make product default as gift to solve price=0 problem

is it possible to make the product default as gift?

Edit Menu > Select Category > Edit Product Properties > Find desired menu button, type Gift to Automation Command column. So when you click that menu button related product automatically becomes gift.

However I don’t think you should use this function to solve a problem. If you can give more details about your problem there might be a better solution.

The problem is as i said, the restaurant is giving water for free :slight_smile: upon request

@emre we insert a a couple of lines to make it easier for the kitchen to know what is first course and secord course so they dont prep it all in one go. E.g



By default the lines are priced as 0.01 and then gifted. Is there an easier way than gifting the seperator lines?

@charliedavidllo, have you considered using order Tags for Starters etc. the order tags works well.

I hadnt thought of doing it that way. It would make it much easier thanks