Make table (entity) available only for manager

Hello Everyone

Is there any way so manager can lock a table and waiters cannot open this table?

Reason why I need it in case if I have bigger group of people and have to join few tables so waiters cannot open few different tickets for same table.

turn on the options for can not open other waiters tickets… then open a table as admin and add a placeholder item to it.

But then on all the rest tables all waiters cannot add items to already opened table.

I am looking how to do button Lock table and when managers press the button waiters cannot open that table but all the rest tables can be opened by any of waiters

Maybe is it possible to do something with entity states? Let say I change entity state to Locked and I add entity screen for waiters where they cannot see tables with state locked. But I am not sure how to do that

There is an enabled option, I used on my hotel PMS, unoccupied rooms cannot be selected at all and are greyed out.
Would need to look back on how it works, been a few years.

The enable/disable option is for entities, isnt specific to a type as there is no difference between tables, customers, rooms and any other entity type you configure.
As for where the option is i would have to dig it out.