Make the department bottom line higher

Usually we’ll have 1024x768 screen for POS system and I find out that the bottom line can’t be scrolled or expanded if you have department name very long or many departments together. So, the Main Menu button can’t be seen. Is there a way to fix this?

Settings > Local Settings > Display and set your footer height.

The result is kind of unexpected. SambaPOS does not create more lines, just change height.

What are these Departments used for? SambaPOS isn’t made to have this many Departments…

There is not way to crate more lines. Why would you need that many departments?

I don’t have that many departments, this is just an example, however in some languages, the long department names will quickly take over all available spaces.

On the other hand, the behavior of footer height in SambaPOS is not the best we can get after all.

No there is not support for that. Typically most places would only need 1-3 departments. You can also shorten names if you need to.