Manage Reports Waitress

Hi Emre
Another important question to undestand …
We will have around 10 employees in our Risto-Pub.
Each of them needs to print how much they sell at the end of their work for the calculation of Service Charge.
I know that the Manager can see this at the End of Work Period but it’s very important to understand if each employee can print this report itself (very important…) without see all the reports of the other waitress and specially without check all the report section…

Now I can give access to Reports for example to a test waitress but she can see all the reports and I don’t want this. She will be able to print and see only her sell.

I don’t understand if this configuration will work with Samba POS 4.

Please let me know…


Hello Maurizio. We have a lot of requests regarding reporting and printing so we’ll develop an improved reporting module for such needs. This is all we have for now.

Hi Emre
this topic is very important.

A report that at the end of the period of work used from every waitress/Administrator that will print the waitress sell.

I see another problem in 4.1.11 .

Now I can limit ROLE LIST for the waitress:
Navigation—> Can Enter Cash Screen
if i add
Navigation Permissions --> Can Display Report
the waitress will be able to see all and this isn’t a good thing.

Have you a timing about this important Samba POS REport update? I 've seen in the blog in the past that someone else asked you this feature.




hello @panda1269,

You may consider using ticket explorer screen as a workaround. At least waiters can filter their user names to track total sales without the need of accessing report module.

Sorry I can’t announce a timing for advanced reporting module. I’m already working hard to release all important updates. Thanks.

On the other hand I couldn’t get why waiters needs printing their own reports on work period end? We already have user based sales under work period report and you can use it for Service Charge calculation.

I know Emre
Where I will open the pub all the restaurant work in this way and all the waitress are used to work in this way… It will be very difficult to change the mind of the people …but I will try.

I know that at the END of PERIOD you can see all the sell divided by the waitress and this is good. This works fine. But if in the future you will update SAMBA POS with this choice it will be very appreciated.

Thank’s for now…


OK. I see why you need that. I’ll try to release faster. Thanks.