Manufacturing / Bill Of Material

I have three departments each responsible for it’s own stock:

1. Main Stores (Where every ingredient is kept)
2.Pizza Production Area (production of Pizza Dough Balls)
3. Pizza Sales Warehouse (This is where the manufactured pizza dough balls are transferred to)

I transfer the ingredients to be used to the production area from the main stores. My objective is to be able to track the ingredients used in the production area and the manufactured products in the pizza sales warehouse.

For Example:
We transfer Pizza Ingredients to a Pizza Warehouse (production area). We want a manufacturing button to create a product e.g: (10 pizza dough balls) - when we click the manufacturing button we want ingredients for 10 pizza dough balls deducted in the pizza warehouse whilst at the same time creating an inventory of 10 pizza dough balls so that we can be able to track the manufactured product in this case Pizza Dough Balls before they are sold, whilst at the same time tracking the ingredients used in the production of Pizza Dough Balls


You need to create inventory transaction documents. I can’t remember if we have an action for that or not?

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Thanks, am I able to do some automation on inventory transaction documents?

I have created inventory transaction documents and I am able to transfer from one warehouse to another. The only problem is I transfer FLOUR, SUGAR, TOMATOES(raw items) etc from Main Stores to Production Warehouse. I manufacture products whilst the raw materials are still in the PRODUCTION warehouse, from production to the Sales Warehouse I want to transfer manufactured products eg: Dough(made from flour) - from Production warehouse to Sales Warehouse from this stage I don’t want to track raw materials anymore, I want to track dough(the manufactured item).

So dough is what you want taken from inventory when you sell it?

Yes. When I sell the Pizza I want the dough deducted from the Pizza Sales Warehouse