Map customer locations for distibute flyers

Dear @JohnS
I am using the postcode database and Maps screen now which is working excellent. Do you think it’s possible to use these customer locations stored in the database combined with Google maps to get a view of where they came from.
With this information I can distribute flyers to the places where I have little reaction. Something like in the .png


Wow great idea! I’ll check if we can use Google Maps API to do something like that.

Oke thanks @emre, would be great!

Hi Marza, please could u tell us how did u do it?

Hello Kemtas, this function has not been completed yet by @emre.

Hi Marza,

thanks a lot for the quick answer.

and i am from UK.I managed the work postcode database. But in the same postcode there are more than one address if i type NW3 1AA it should allow me to choose which door number or house name i want before filling in the rest of the fields ?