Mapping calculations

is there is anyway to map calculations ?
all my products have 10% tax but not all have 12% service calculations.
can i map 12% service ?

You cannot natively “map” Calculations. And Calculations are Ticket-level, not Order-level.

So for your case, you will probably need to use an Order Tag.

Set up an Order Tag Group with a “Service” Tag. You can set the Tag Rate to 12. (Tag Rates are V5 only). You do not need to map the Order Tag because you will use the Tag Order action to automatically apply the Tag, but you can map it to applicable Products if you wish to see it in your Order Tag Screens.

Use the Order Added to Ticket Event/Rule and constrain the Rule to apply to specific Product Groups, Product Tags, and/or Products.

Within the Rule, fire a Tag Order Action to Tag the Order.

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