Mapping order tags with the exception of certains items

Quick question which may have already be answered, but couldn’t find anything on a search.

I have a group of almost 50 items as “Breakfast”. I have mapped my order tags “Bread” and “Egg” to the product group.
However some of the products in breakfast don’t need the order tag bread/egg. I dont want staff getting confused and giving it to those orders by accident.
Rather than having to individually map each product, is there a way to map to “all products in Breakfast product group but not x or y” where x/y are products.


Not possible at this time.

Fairly good request, could be managed with RegEx or similar, or maybe (Custom) Product Tags.

Ok, just checking! Thanks.
Changed topic to v5 request.

You may have to break down your breakfast group or map individual product to this order tag.
It support individual product level.

I think maybe allow us to input !this_product_name so, it map whole group but not this_product_name.

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I also would like to see this added. Maybe create a exclusion column that can be left blank if no exclusion and can be defined by product name or group. I just had to setup mappings for all product groups except one for a tax template and it deff would be easier to have to just define the group that didn’t need the template applied.

This has been answered before, pretty sure I was trying to request sililar on button mapping - that you could map a button to negate a state say rather than specify only positive mapping.
I can’t remember the exact answer but there was a reason why it was not practical programing wise.

What would be more useful and powerful I think would be a way to map to custom item tag.
Something similar was done for printing within the action itself but think that doing a positive mapping on a specific custom tag would fit in better with existing system structure and expect would be more powerful.

Either way this is doubtful to change in v5 as concentration is now of getting v6 off the ground.
Not seen much info on v6 yet but early discussions are exciting.