Mapping Suggestion

Hey guys, I was just thinking that we could improve mapping by adding a way to set an exception.

For example for my kitchen printer to be properly mapped I have to add 37 rules just so I don’t print drinks and desserts in the kitchen. Its not anything dire but would make controlling mapping a little but easier.

maybe something like this can be done.

This has been asked a couple of times.

The way that mapping works it CANNOT be negative.

What you would be better to do is what I did which was a custom state flow.
Add a custom item tag column of Kitchen Print, an action to add state of KPrint=Print on order added if {ITEM TAG:Kitchen Print} is not null.
Rather than using New as the print action state filter use KPrint state and value of Print and then a second state update on ticket close to change KPrint=Print to KPrint=Printed.

This allows you to just put an X or any value in the product field to set it as a kitchen order.

It means an extra field on product creation but but tag editor you can churn through existing very quickly.

The advantage is you can set on a per product basis if it prints to kitchen and also gives good thing to key in on in constraints that need to know if an item is kitchen order or not without extensive separate constrains for groups etc.


Oh and there is also an easier way LOL

You can map print job to Product Tag… almost forgot that one but used to my setup as above now :slight_smile:

If I remember right you use either Tag Name:Value or Tag Name=Value

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Thanks for the printing tips. Your solution looks useful and will deff add it to my system.

Its not a big issue, its just that order tags could benefit from this as well. Like under a product group 8 items will come with two sides and 1 comes with pasta. Currently I go through and map each item but it would just be simpler…but since it cant be done well nothing ill stick to my current mapping ways haha

Its product tag not order tag the mapping… sides would be an order tag not a product tag, product tag is the ‘product info’ fields like in my screenshot.

Yea I mean implementing this to mappings in general.

Why would you map order tags on print job?

no sorry for the confusion. Im just saying if within that mapping system overall, not just in printing. Having an exception system for any area that need mapping. order tags, rules, ect,.

Rules there is no need as constraints are 100x more powerful, dont think I have any rule mapping which isnt **** as all handled with constraints.

Automation commands uses states which again are set through rules so although not as simple as mapping is more powerfull. Automation Commands are only place I really use mapping and its for user roll but even then generally I prefer confirm admin pin over hiding the button.

I know your line of though as I was one of the people who has previously asked the question but its easily overcome once your more familier with all samba :slight_smile: