Mapping with product tag is not working with kitchen print

I have 2 printers and 6 groups of products, I want to map 3 of them to one printer and other three to another. I tried both default product tag and custom product tag for mapping. Not working.
What to do?

Show us your configuration so we can see if you made a mistake or not. Specifically your print job.

Typically you would make 2 print jobs one for each printer and then map the specific product or Product Tag that you want appropriately. Be sure to include both print jobs in your Print Bill rule and Action.

But the problem of adding two print job on same printer will make two prints right?
I want everything on same print

I will show my configuration when I reach ma office.

How do two printers make one single print?

No two print jobs does not mean two prints… it means it can print same ticket in two printers… it will only print products mapped. If that is not what your trying to achieve then please explain more of what you really want.

this is the print job, print all to the grill printer.
when I tried this only grill is coming.
I tried with product tag, not working at all

Here I need all of the groups to print on grill on same print.

this the screenshot of mapping with product tag.

All my printing is managed through states.
Job is everything mapped to the printer and have BarPrint and KichenPrint state types with Print and Printed states and the print action sends orders using Print for corresponding state.
This is coupled with an order added rule which sets the Print state for each order as added based on a custom product tag.
It allows me simple individual product control printing to one or both printers.

Show screenshots of your Products:

  • one that has Group Code = Starter
  • one that has Custom Product Tag named PRINTING = F

What version of SambaPOS are you running? Check the version and Date in the Window Title Bar.

Try deleting and re-creating your Print Job, then Logout/Login.

Latest version, I tried everything. Recreated print job several time not working at all.

I understood the problem. See ,for the starter I assigned takeaway department . But When I make department as * print is coming.
When I add department , takeaways only that print is coming


But I need that takeaway department on that mapping for starter. Because on Dine In starter should print on starter printer and on takeaway it should print on grill

@QMcKay How to do that??? Why its not coming when we assigns department??

Have your try restart Samba?

You can add more mappings to the Print Job. It is not happening the way you want because of the Mappings, which are basically filters. Remember, a Ticket can only have a single Department.

Yea,see but why its not coming? When I take order from takeaway departmentment , its not coming