Mark opened and remove mark opened action

  • Mark Opened and Remove Mark Opened actions added for tickets. You can lock ticket and prevent open by others. Also you must select this in User Roles

I use this new action at last sambapos 5.3.6.
I use mark opened action at ticked opened rule
Remove mark opened action at ticked closing rule
And set add user rule.
For open, close, print bill, void activity, all work good
The problems occur when change table, ticket become disappeared after move and, pop up can’t saved last changed ticket ’ no table ’
After that when I want to open the ticket, ticket can’t opened and pop up warning message ticket can’t display.
This same problem when I select customer to add customer name.
Problem occur again when move 1 or more product to new ticket or move to other table.

Please How to solve it.
I use this action because, when 2 people open ordered ticket for add new order product, and cashier check item product, at same time, and close at the end people
The problems occur all last ordered ticket become double order with same table without print to kitchen

Is mark opened and remove mark opened is stable to use?

Yes it’s used every day in multiple restaurants.

I’m not sure I understand your problem. A video of it would be good.

Any tutorial for use this new action.
I will take video when I go again to site.

Its a simple action designed to not allow the same ticket to be opened on 2 terminals at same time.

Yes it simple, but become problem when we change table or select customer to ticket

Yes you are right Johan we will fix that.

Is fix it in new realese SambaPos 5.5?

I just testing in SambaPOS 5.5.0, change table dan select customer not error, but need do 2x for change table or select customer?
If I change table from 20 to 30
For first time change table massage ticket moved to 30. Your latest changes not saved. And entity state color change to New Orders.
Second time, change again this ticket, and success.
Why must do 2x for this action?

at sambapos 5.5.4 still not solve. all action for change table and select or change customer must do 2x. any solution for this action

This is not normal. Your configuration must be causing it. Please email

After some testing for this solution.
Rule : mark Open
Event Name : Ticket Opened
Execute rule : Match
Action : Mark Open

I have wrong setting at Remove Opened rule, i use event name : ticket closing.
after change it :
Rule : Remove Opened
Event Name : After Ticket Closing
Execute rule : Match
Action : Remove Opened

Change table working.
Testing just at single computer, not implement to production, still need time to go client
Not testing at mobile MC3

It still bug at move order/change table and select customer. Error related to entity, remove mark opened not function

Sambapos 5.5.6 still not solve problem remove mark opened ticket, with use sample data Sambapos

in your automation try removing the mark before the automation to change entity then add it back after it is changed.

I try 4 layer remove mark opened,

  1. At entity state change
  2. Ticket entity change
  3. Ticket closing
  4. After ticket closing

rule, action, product, all setting just use sample data.
Just remove permission for open opened ticket
Problem at change table and select customer.
Ticket, table can’t opened, like remove mark opened not function.

Sambapos 5.5.8. this issue still not solve
please, for Sambapos team to concern about this issue.

Anyone using this action work well?
Or any good tutorial using this action?

When i ask to sambapos support directly, they answer because my resseller not valid so can’t support for this issue. But in my analysis, this issue is a bug of action.
I have check direct to database at table Ticket column IsOpened is still True.
this indicate action “Remove Opened Mark from Ticket” not function.

This issue had been 2 years, still not improvement.

Issue solve just Hack Sambapos from sql query
Rule : After Ticket Closing
use action :

  1. execute script:
    Function : {CALL:tutup.UpdateTutup(‘{TICKET ID}’)}

  2. Script:
    handler: tutup
    script :
    function UpdateTutup(ticketID) {
    var q = "UPDATE dbo.Tickets SET IsOpened = 0 WHERE Id = " + ticketID;
    var ttp = sql.Query(q).First;
    return ttp;

The action does work. What version are you using?