Marking item as gift doesn't change service charge

Hi all,

I’ve added a service charge to my tickets for sunday\public holiday surcharges.
I’ve implemented this tutorial effectively step by step

All works ok, except i get an issue with the GIFT button.

When i press gift on an item, it does not update the service charge until i add a new item, then the charge is calculated correctly.

I’ve tried adding an action in the gift rule to recalculate the service charge after applying the gift, but doesn’t seem to work either…

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

See below: surcharge not calculated correctly (should be 10%)

Then i add another item and it works again

Using this to calculate service charge

Does it show correct when go to settle screen?
At a guess it’s updated but not refreshed on screen as within order selected mode maybe…
Had similar with my custom discounts system, refresh ticket action probably help.
Although a simple 10% like that you could just do a rate based calculation rather than automating updating a fixed type calc.

i use quick settlement buttons for this part of the my setup, but if i print the bill it still shows the error


yeah, my original setup i was using a direct price adjustment and found it wasn’t working correctly with the takeaway price definition at the same time, resulting in customers being accidentally overcharged.

I guess i could strip it back and use an order tag on each item that i update the price on, which should respect the price definitions.

Maybe try a rule for the “Ticket Total Changed” event that uses {PLAIN TOTAL} to update the calculation.