Massage server for sambapos

good evening everyone. I did an installation but I cannot connect a workstation to the central workstation through the mail server.
Here is the screenshot

Look here

I followed the steps as indicated but once on the client workstation, nothing takes. when I click on the “start client now” button, nothing happens

So you installed the server? Can you go to services and show sambapos message server service is running on the server?

I noticed you are using a very old version of sambapos. Please update to the newest version. Your using one from 2015.

If you just did an installation I don’t understand why you would use such an old version.

Please link to follow the update steps. changes from this version to the recent rain version

You can download it from there are no updates that would prevent you from connecting it but it will be hard to support your questions if you are using such an older version.

The updates between the one you are on and the current one are enormous. You are using a version. From 2015 it is almost 2022 now.

Please read the KB carefully again. You are missing something.