MC v3 - Order Tag window to small

After installing MC v3 for ios i have a problem with the order tag window. İt is to small, it does not automatically enlarge.

i have a big list of order tags i cant close it anymore

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I also would like this - would be much better if the window was more responsive and filled most of the screen.

We tested and in our side its working with scrooling.
Can you give me your db backup from controlling.

How can i do this ? You have a script for that. Sql?

In settings, find “Database Backups”


then click “Backup Database”. The zipped backup will be saved in %USERPROFILE%\Documents\SambaPOS5\Database Backups unless you’ve specified a different directory.

Send this file to Vehbi in a private message - don’t post it in the open forum.

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Yes please send it via PM. or you can send it to