MC3 certain products not found

All of the menu items shows on my MC3, but funnily enough Mochaccino you can see but when pressed throws the error “Product not found” on the device.

I have some other items also showing, but not selectable from different departments on the menu.

Do you have any idea why this would be?

Check for spellings, special characters and any off order tags

Please email with it. A database backup would help.

Hello @stephanhenning,

The reason for the issue is having different names for the product on the Product Field and Name Field

Here is the way to solve this problem;

Main Menu > Products > Menu List > Menu > Select the Not Found Product’s Category > Edit Product Properties > Check the Name Field if it is the same as Product Field.

In the Name Field, the product name has to be written exactly the same as in the Product Field.

After that you need to restart the SambaPOS Messaging Server from the Windows Services part and click on the Database Update button on the MC3 App.

You can check the attached image for reference.

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Thank you! This was the answer