MC3 is not working after Update

Today I updated SambaPos from 5.3 to 5.5
After the update my MC3 is not working. I get the following Error: Terminal Information not found

Is anyone having the same problem?

MC3 can only work with 5.5 version. Did you follow the tutorial for MC3 and updated your Users?

I used before the old Mobile Client with sambapos 5.3 and it works well.
But now I cant login anymore. But update database is working.

The settings looking good. What you mean with update users?

Thanks and regards :+1:

You need to set a terminal for every user.

What you mean old mobile client? If you mean v2, yes its work on 5.3 but v3 isnt compatible under 5.5

I mean in version 5.5. Manage > Users > User List there are new fields that are required for new app to work like mobile client terminal etc.

Ok it is working with the correct user :slight_smile:

before that I tried to log in with the admin user (1234) with the old mc v2 it works :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot but i have a new bug …

MC3 uses the terminal assigned to the USER so every user must have a tablet terminal assigned.