MC3 - Order Tag Prefix Issue

Hello Guys,

I tried to search the forum before posting this but I couldn’t see this issue being reported before.

I recently setup MC3 in my premises by following the setup guide located here ;

Everything seems to be working as expected apart from one feature, which is the most important piece in our restaurant environment.

We are using Order Tag Prefixes on the main terminal. We are trying to use the same feature using the MC3 client on an Android machine, however, the Order Tags pop-up goes blank whenever the user hits a prefix button. We are able to choose the order tag itself, however, we are not able to add a prefix to the order tag.

I tried both iPad and 5.5" Android Machine, and the issue exists for both.


Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Hello can you please send this to Include the screenshot gif just like you did here.

Thanks Jesse.

I have sent an email regarding this.