Members discount


I have a situation where we have members who get a % discount on food item and $2 discount on drink items.

Is it possible to apply discounts to a limited items for example 6 items. For example a member customer places an order with 20 items but we want to restrict the discounts to 6 items on the order.


Do you mean 6 selected items in a ticket or 6 pre defined menu items?

We can with 6 selected items on a ticket. So after ordering say 8 entree, 10 mains, 8 desserts, 10 drinks we want to be able to select 6 entree, 6 mains give them 10% off and 3 desserts and 3 drinks $2 off.

Is that possible?

And if we want to restrict staff only to 6 entree, 6 mains, 3 desserts and 3 drinks so they can’t accidentally select more and discount more items.