Menu at an inclusive, set price

Is it possible to have two set menus made up of products from the usual a la carte menu? Customers would choose from a limited list of main, dessert and wine for an inclusive price.

You can create as many menus as you like and switch to them as and how you like. You could set a button to press which switches to a different menu, you could set up timers that on a specific time on a specific day the menu changes etc

Thanks Rick. I tried creating an additional menu before and, even with Nizamettin helping me, it was a nightmare and didn’t work; we gave up.
What I’m trying to achieve is a set menu using choices from the usual a la carte menu but, at a set price.
For example: If a soup is normally a Euro but it is included, free of additional charge, in a set meal, how do I register the sale so that a ticket is printed in the kitchen but, the customer is only charged for the set meal, not for the soup individually? So, the waitress would place the customer’s order, the soup (and the other choices) order would arrive in the kitchen and the customer would see it on his bill included in the set menu price. The customer’s bill might look like this:

Beer 2€

Menu A 10€
*** Soup**
*** Cheese Burger**
*** Ice-cream**
*** Coffee**

Cigarettes 2€

Total 14€

Your thoughts will be much appreciated.