Menu changing after going to Change Customer screen

I’ve set up my system to show a different menu for different user roles, but I’m encountering a problem.

When I login as admin, I get this menu:

When I login as a cashier, I get a different menu (note the capital letters):

But when I click on “Select Customer”, and then go back to the menu, the menu has changed back to the admin’s menu:

Here are screenshots of my setup:

I cloned the standard menu:

I cloned the standard ticket type, and changed the menu to HLJ shop menu 2:

I cloned my floor plan:

changed the ticket type for this floor plan:

and changed the mapping to show it only for cashiers:

I also changed the mapping for the original entity screen (floor plan) to show only for admins:

Anybody have any idea what’s happening here?

you have 1 department… you have a default ticket type for that department… Select customer switches it to default department ticket type.

I doesn’t seem to be doing that. When I change the department’s default ticket type to HLJ shop ticket 2, it still switches back to HLJ shop ticket’s menu after changing customer:

Try mapping the specific Ticket Type as well instead of keeping it *

I just tried your suggestion, but it still does the same:

What screen are you using for change customer? Which screen is linked to the Change Customer button? It could be because change customer button is going to an Entity screen that has that ticket type set.

EDIT: I mean select customer not change customer.

Sorry I am going on just the knoweldge you have posted. We need to trace the behavior… it is switching ticket types when you hit the select customer button. So this means the Entity screen it is using when you press Select Customer is set for that Ticket Type.

You do not have any rules using Set Active Ticket type or Any that are set to change Ticket Type?

EDIT: From the screenshots it looks like your Select Customer is using Entity Screen other than HLJ Shop…So this means it is pulling Ticket Type from that Entity Screen.

You need to delete this entity screen and put a Customer Entity Search widget into your other 2 screens. Or Select customer will not work as you want it too.

This might give you idea of how to set that up.

Or you need to create 2 new Customer Screens mapped specifically to those users and get rid of the customer screen thats default mapped.

All right, thank you very much @Kendash, the problem was with the Customer Search entity screen’s ticket type like you said. I cloned that entity screen as well and set the mappings to Admin and Cashier respectively, and the problem is gone now!

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