Menu Mapping Feature

It would be useful of we can map menus to specific users or terminals.

My POS till has a massive 21.5" Touch Screen and Waiters are using a IPAD Mini tablet. I have duplicated my menu and made the category and sub category buttons smaller in order to avoid scroll bars on the tablet. I then created duplicate departments pointing to the Tablet Menu and then within user roles restricting the Tablet Users to their specific departments.

This works very well but can be simplified with menu mapping maybe?

In ticket types (I think) you can map different menus to terminals.

Hi @JohnS

Just tried this and it didn’t seem to work.

It should work. Did you assigned a specific terminal from local settings?

Hi @emre

yes I did assign a specific terminals from local settings but no luck.

In departments you have to select a menu, then in tickets you have to select a menu and then in menu mapping you can select a menu, I think we have too much going on here:

I think I will just stick to my original method which works fine for now.

You are using single physical terminal so you need user account based settings. For this reason you need to switch to app based local settings to user account based local settings.

When you copy settings.txt file from App path to User Path, SambaPOS starts used windows user account based settings. Since you’ll have different user accounts for all tablet users, they’ll start using their own terminal configuration.

Your method also works and might be easier to manage for simple cases.

I just tested the menu mapping and I have issues too.
You can only set Terminal based mapping if the Department has no default menu and the ticket type has no menu.

Yes if there is a default menu assigned to a department that overrides terminal based settings and ticket type menu but ticket type menu assignment should not disable terminal based settings.

@emre if you set Ticket Type Menu, Terminal based menu is disabled :frowning:

I’ve created a menu named Terminal menu and left a single category in it.

My ticket type have default menu assingment

I’ve set terminal to Terminal

… and mapped terminal menu to terminal.

It displays terminal menu.

Also we need to talk about a overlooked feature.

We have Set Current Terminal action to update current terminal value.

We also have Application Started rule to pass command line parameters to SambaPOS. So we can start SambaPOS with a Command Line parameter to change Current Terminal setting.

@emre, I have setup the same as you.
When you go into POS, it shows all the Categories. When you select an item, the Menu then updates to what it should be (the new smaller menu).
If you close the ticket, the new reverts back to the full menu.

OK :slight_smile: I’ve got it. You are working on a fast food department… It will work as expected on next release.

Thank you very much for helping me to understand the issue.

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Okay, once I cleared the Menu selection in the Departments I can now do the menu mapping which I tested and came across the same problem that @JohnS found v4.1.19.

Now that 4.1.20 has fixed this small bug, I can confirm it works great.

No more duplicate departments :smile:

Thumbs Up @emre and @Johns