Menu Not Showing up on Entity Screen until I switch Departments

Hi All!

This is an excellent forum, and I have been spending the last several days glued to it in setting up my first configuration. I have run into a strange issue though:

When I go to the “Dine In” Department, the menu will not show up.

However, if I switch Departments and then go back to “:Dine In” then the menu appears!

There have been some instances where some stray menu subcategory items will appear (probabably left over from the previous order) but if I click on any of them, the app crashes with a null reference exception.

I have attempted removing and readding as well as remapping the entity screen, with no luck.

Any ideas?

Are you using different ticket types?

I am not. I only have one Ticket Type, which is the default that came with the minimal configuration. I DO have different Department types (Dine In, Walk-In, Delivery, Pick Up) however. This particular Dine-In custom layout is restricted to the Dine-In department, but no other Departments seem to have any issues with the menu not showing up, just Dine-In.

For that department did you define a Default Menu?

For your Ticket Type check this setting and clear it.

If your ticket Type has a menu setting there it will try to revert to it when ticket is created. This could be causing issues. Try clearing that setting leave it blank.


Yep, it was indeed the default menu setting on the Department.