Menu User Bar Size Increase

Hi I was wondering how I could increase the Size of the Bar at the Bottom of the Screen which include the Main Menu, Users Name, Keyboard and other items listed in V4?
Regards Thomaxs

Yes you can, in a similar was as in V5.

In V4, go to Manage > Settings > Local Settings > Display. Enter the size in pixels into the “Footer Height” field - set to 0 for automatic size.

This is all I have on that screen. Cheers

It’s been a long time since I’ve used v4 but I believe you just decrease the Window Scale Percentage? I could be wrong, though.

Best of Luck.

Ok will try it. Thanks, I might repost the question also to see if I receive any other suggestions. Thanks for your help. Thomas.

That looks to me like it isn’t even the latest v4!

You can double click the SambaPOS logo in the top left then you can see the version on the title bar. The last v4 version was v4.1.82 released 8 Dec 2014. However, you cannot download v4 anymore as the product is discontinued and no longer available. Any download you find online you install at your own risk as it may contain malware.

I strongly recommend you upgrade to the latest v5 so you can use all the latest features.


No we are currently using V4 for the past 5 or 6 years it’s just that nobody remaining at our Club has any idea of changing some of the settings. So I have taken it upon myself to learn as much as possible. V4 has more options than we will ever use. It’s just about learning how and what I have to remove at certain times. I would like to put a copy of it on my personal computer so if I make a mistake I won’t stuff up the club’s version. Cheers Thomaxs