Merge Order Lines on POS Screen

Main Objective: Select 1 item to on POS screen to give a discount or free item. I am going to use a barcode on a coupon that the cashier can scan, that would automatically adjust the price accordingly. Using a barcode will eliminate errors having multiple marking campaign’s going at once.

What works: An item that is listed once with a quantity equal or greater than 1.

What does not work: an item that is listed multiple times. Each item will be marked with a discount, when only one should be selected.

A work around: Closing a ticket and reopening does combine all the items and works correctly. I know I can automate closing an reopening the ticket, but I was looking for something a little more elegant.

In the below animation, I manually closed the ticket to a table to demonstrate what was happening.

Is there a way to combine items when listed on the POS screen (other than closing the ticket)?
— OR —
Is there a way to select an item where the quantity will only be 1? Despite being listed multiple times on the POS screen with a possibility of a variety of quantities.

— Edit —
There will be no order tags on the items that need to be merged/combined.

Here are the settings I am using:




The buy x for y action handles the order selection by itself so I don’t think you need the select order action.

Use the expression from the select orders action as Order Selector value. Also, I’m not sure if the double quotes around the expression are needed.




Thanks for the input. But unfortunately, not using the select orders action will select all items regardless of the quantity and apply the free item.

Your right, that quotes around the orders section is not needed and does not work. I was trying different things when recorded the gif.

Thanks for the time to help me out. Unfortunately, I am looking for something that might have a quantity of 1 or a quantity that is more than one. I want Samba to pick just 1 to apply the discount/coupon.

My intension is to make it easy/error free for the cashier to process coupons.

I think I will have to settle with closing the ticket and reopening it to apply the coupon discount. Here is what it is going to look like. There will be no button, the cashier will simply scan a barcode on the coupon to trigger the automatic discount.