Merging three Samba Databases


I have three databases for Samba that use the same shell. But are for different time periods. Like one for 2014 - 2015. Another for 2016. And the last one for 2017-2019.

Can all three of them be merged into one? Pls PM me your quotations for the task.

It is impossible to merge, but you can create different shortcuts for each database.

“C:\Program Files (x86)\SambaPOS5\Samba.Presentation.exe” -cs:“Data Source=\SQLExpress; User Id=sa; Password=1234; Database=Samba2015;”

“C:\Program Files (x86)\SambaPOS5\Samba.Presentation.exe” -cs:“Data Source=\SQLExpress; User Id=sa; Password=1234; Database=Samba2016;”

Hmm. The reason that I want to merge is so that I can create combined reports for all the past years.

What will these shortcuts help with :slight_smile: ?

What kind of reports?
Might be easier to say export report in sections to excel or something and process data across the sections.

Why did you separate them?

They didn’t separate. We changed locations and at each new branch we just used the same base and started the database from scratch.

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Amazing! I never knew this functionality existiedy. I have always had to use a separate machine for a training environment for new staff. Now I can just create different shortcuts

Thabks for the info

My dear brother @emre showed me this. Rest in peace.

There’s something else you need to know. If you run it this way, the default SambaSettings.txt will be affected. You will need to use the same parameter on all the shortcuts.

And …
I think you know how to run more than one client on the same machine …?

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