Merging tickets creates 2 additional empty tickets

when i move a table to another and merge tickets,

it creates two additional empty tickets.

could anyone help fix this ?

These tickets are not “additional”. They are merged tickets. When you merge ticket 1 and ticket 2 we create a new ticket 3 and keep other tickets empty to allow you to keep logs or other possible notes.

Thanks for the quick response.

the issue is. when customer pays for the merged ticket, the other 2 empty tickets remain open.

they do not close

That means you broke it :slight_smile: Empty tickets should not remain open. Check Ticket Payment Check rule. If you didn’t changed states it should appear like that.

Also a configuration change with Update Moved Entity Color and Ticket Moved Rule rules can be the reason of that issue.

i did play about with entity colours not long ago while i was trying to configure the reservation button, could that be it ?

Yes is can be. While playing in that area you should know what you’re doing. Otherwise you can easily break default behavior. I know that sounds different but when you understand how SambaPOS works you’ll think it is a good thing :slight_smile:


in ticket payment check, under custom constraint list i have a custom constraint for

{order count} - Greater -

i know this might sound funny but i don’t remember doing this and even if i did i have no clue what its for, could this be the issue? :relaxed:

It will be hard to find it by checking them one by one. Maybe you can consider setting up SambaPOS under a different database and compare default configuration with your’s.

ouch! okay ok il try.

thanks again emre

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Great!! Feel free to ask when you need help on a specific step.