Message print on bill "2nd printed bill"

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I did followed this topic

Limiting print bill function for the Waiters

It was really interesting option.
I have an idea that: Is it possible to print out bill with message “This is 2nd printed bill” and so on if printed 3rd or 4th???

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You will want to use a ticket tag and increase each time.

Yes, @JTRTech
I want to show increase number on printed bill if I re-print bill each time.
If ticket paid, 1st bill print will print on bill “This is original bill”
If ticket re-print, 2nd bill print will print on bill “This is 2nd printed bill”
and so on, if ticket re-print 3rd time, ticket will print “This is 3rd printed bill”
This option will stop someone re-use same ticket.

Do I need any rule and action for ticket tag?
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In print command rule before print command have an update ticket tag of say tag name ‘Print Count’ of something like [=TN('{TICKET TAG:Print Count}')+1]
So first print will me 0+1
Second 1+1 etc.
And in template have something like
[='{TICKET TAG:Print Count}' == '1' ? 'This is original bill' : 'This is copy {TICKET TAG:Print Count} of this bill']

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