Message Server Connection Error Using Android Tablet


Dear All,
Could you help me “how to solve Message Server Connection Error”?
I attached my setting below.
It shows “Message Server Connected Green Color”.

Message Server Connection Error.pdf (572.6 KB)


Have you defined an app etc, there is more to it than just message server


Dear JTRTech,
i am using mobile app version v2.0.24.
just key in Message Server IP and Save.
It’s ok.
but when i log in , it show updating and get error message.
“Message Server Connection Error”.


Dear JTRTech,
What are App settings to define,please?


Reed the Android app topic, it gives step by step instructions. There is also a helper app somewhere.


You need to follow the full instructions for using the mobile app. It appears that you have not set it up correctly.


You should also be running latest SambaPOS 5.2.3, not 5.1.62


Dear QMcKay,
i still have 5.1.62.
Where can i download 5.2.3?
I can’t find in V5 Release Topic.



Thanks you.
I got it.
I will reinstall SambaPOS.


Dear QMcKay,
Could you explain me about user for mobilepos?


Dear QMcKay,
i have changed 5.2.3 app.
but “Message Server Connection Error” still remain from Android Tablet.
Could you suggest me some more,please?


Did you follow the instructions? Show screenshots.



Dear QMcKay and All,
i have fixed “Message Server Connection Error from Android Tablet”.
The key point is creating “pda user for mobile client”. We must use exactly pin code and password as in below image.
Thanks All.


Yes that is what the instructions say to do you are right.