Message server don't connect on client

i’ve got an issue with message server…
it runs on the server but not on the client.
Anyone who have an idea what i did it wrong ?


Newer message server address needs http:/ as usues api I think.
Can’t read the message to say for sure if that’s your issue.
If not is firewall on host machine configured correctly? Can test that by disabling firewall temporarily.

Hello @eltio

You can check below documents to achieve what you want;

Also see the attached image please.

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thanks for helping me,
i tried with ( http://legris ) and only ( legris ) for the message server name, on both case, didn’t work, and the firewall on the host machine is disabled.
What can i try more ?
On the server machine, message server name is ( legris ) if i write ( http://legris ) didn’t work.
Any idea ?

I’m not sure but think you need to use ip with http rather than host name but might be wrong.
I always use static ip rather than host names on my networks anyway as removes the need to dns resolution.

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Hy Nizam, thanks for helping me, i followed step by step the tutorial to install message server, it works on the server machine but not on the host machine.
Firewall is disabled on the host machine. Autorizacion allowed on the server machine.
I tried changing the port ( first i tried with 9000 i`d the same problem), i did it again with port 8383, but didn’t help…
Any idea ?

i tried it but didn´t work…?

i did it again and now it works (!!!) with ( legris ) like server machine name… ?!
Thanks for helping!

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