Message server error on V5

I have V4 & V5 running on all my computers, but for some reason I can not get two of the tills to get message server connection in V5, although V4 is running on that machine perfectly and details of local machine is exactly the same with “connected” showing on V4 but not in V5.

Would running two instances of Sambapos on one pc give problems with message server connection?

My server and Office Sambapos are connected, but two tills all on same switch can not connect, so I’m not sure why, I’ve changed firewall setting to “off” and have V5 on a white list.

I’ve left it for a long time as I was hoping it would sort itself out, but it’s been a month now and still no “connected” sign, instead I get the “message server not connected”

Also msg service only running on Server and not on any other pc.

Any other ideas I could look for?

Probably a Port conflict and/or the fact that both instances use the same hostname and IP address.

Why would you be doing this?

Like I’ve explained before, my system is quite heavily setup with many many tills and screens that I need to do a thorough testing of all the little systems in place so I test and load on all my pc’s before going live.

I’ve been tinkering with your printer kitchen screen setup as well so everything takes so long to setup as I’m a one man show at work as well so getting enough hours on the setup is tricky.

Hence both on at the same time but obviously V4 will be removed once V5 is live.

Ok so I deleted sambapos V4 from some machines and the msg server connection is not green yet.

Of my 7 pc’s running V4 & V5 all connect to V4 and only the server and the office connects to V5, 5 other pc’s don’t connect to V5.

I’ve got Samba MSGing server Windows Service on Server pc, and ports setup correctly on clients, and client don’t have the windows service running either.

Firewalls off, Antivirus off, but I don’t think it is that, as V4 runners perfectly on all clients, it’s just V5

I’ve uninstalled sambaposMSGservice and reinstalled, also changed port numbers but the same pc’s still don’t connect.

I’m ready to go live with V5 and I’ve also uninstalled Sambapos V4 from two tills to see if that helps but they still showing up red.

Is there something I should do on the database side?

I’ve searched the forums and followed all tips but still cant get some machines to connect.

The setting for Message Server changed from V4 to V5.

For example, assuming that your Server Computer Name is either “ServerName” or has an IP address of “” and that the Message Server Port is configure to be 9000

V4 clients should be configured to connect to Message Server Port of 9000 and the Message Server Name like of the following


V5 clients should be configured to connect to Message Server Port of 9000 and the Message Server Name like of the following


Also, using the Message Server Service Tool, you should ensure that the Port setting includes a + symbol, such as:


NOTE: do not use the + symbol in the Client configurations (including the Server Terminal) for the Message Server Port. The + symbol should only be used in the Service Tool settings.

Besides all of that, I would be surprised if V4 and V5 could even talk to eachother in the first place. But do note: DB connectivity has nothing to do with the Message Server, nor the Connected status. The Message Server is for sending notifications to other Clients to perform updates to their displays only.

That is not possible. v5 cant connect to v4 and vice versa.

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No, just want to run stock standard V5 from now on, it’s just that the client is currently running both V4 & V5 (v5 just for testing, not live yet)

Nope, just trying to run all pc’s V5

This is some crazy stuff! Is this documented on the forum somewhere? Thank you for info!

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It is documented as part of the initial release that contained GraphQL, which was 5.1.60 (current release as of today) …


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