Message Server IP adress


I CAN connect perfectly using either computer name (Server) or the I.P address ( WORKS
BUT I can not connect using the full IP string of ( DOESNT WORK

It throws an error msg saying “An error occurred while sending the request”

I want to install a mobile client and need all clients to use full string.

I would like to use

server 192

Hello Stephan,

Can you apply the document one by one.

I did have all port opened, inbound and outbound. All PC’s connect no problem using (Server) name or IP (, but not (HTTP://1992.168.1.100)

Defender Firewall off

Inbound Rules


Unsuccessful IP
IP error

Successful IP
IP successful

Is there anything else I can look at?

server has static IP
OS: Server 2019
SQL Express 2019
Network is Private, with local file sharing

It should be installed on port 9000+

Not 9898

Thank you Jesse

Message server still not connected… but now there is an pop-up that ruins workflow also now.

"TCP channel protocol violation: expecting preamble "

If you follow it correctly you install it with 9000+ port and then use http://servername or ip