Message server is not working in Window 8.1 pro

Hi All

I have followed Message Server tutorial step by step as well as other peoples posts regarding message server isssue but service is not working for me in Windows 8.1, we also upgraded and tried with latest Samba version 4.1.82.

We also tried different ports like 8080,8383 and 65535, we disabled firewall on all pc’s (Clients and Server),

We tried query (sc query SambaPOS4-MessagingServer | find “STATE”) and also looked up in services and looks like the message service on server is running fine, its just that clients cannot connect with service. Client can connect with database fine but fails on message service.

We tried everything possible we could to get it working but it seems some thing is not working correctly.

Any help will be appreciated.


Is the service running on the server?

First be sure its only installed and running on one computer which should be your main server. The clients do not need it running.

Message server runs just fine with windows 8.1. You have either configured something wrong or you did not follow the tutorial completely. Or you have a network error or a software error outside of SambaPOS.

@syed I have changed the thread to a question because it is not an Issue with SambaPOS this is a windows feature configuration error which your asking for advice on. That said is there anything else you can share with us that might help us help you?

HI Kendash

Thanks for quick response. I followed tutorial step by step, my issue was my SQL TCP port was set to 1433 not 8383 or 8080. Issue is now fixed.


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