Message Server not auto starting even though I click the option in Samba.MessagingServer.exe


Do you guys think McAfee is the culprit?


Possibly, are you sure its not starting? Checked processes in task manager?
What type of user did you run the .exe in, maybe you need to run as admin is a standard user was used?


I checked it in the task manager and sure it is not running.

I will try to run it as as an admin to see what happened. It reasonable to be the issue as I think the Windows user that I logged on for the server machine is for general staff.


Show me that option please. There is no such thing.

Are you talking about the Client? That is a process within SambaPOS - you won’t see it anywhere.

The Messaging Server should be installed as a Service that is set to run Automatically. This will make it a Background Process, and it will show in Services applet as Running.


Look like I am using the wrong software SambaMessagingServer.exe rather than the SambaMessagingServerServiceTool.exe.


Yes, use the Service Tool to install as a Service and never worry about it again.

If you want to change the port later, just run the Tool again.