Message server not updating

I have message server on a central server. I then have a number of clients.

The clients all say they can connect to the message server, however status are not being updated on the clients.

If I run up a client on the server, the status changes work perfectly so I think it’s a firewall or connectivity issue in the return path.

Any info on exactly how the message server connects would be greatly appreciated so I can try and troubleshoot the network connectivity I have.

Thanks very much everyone.

Btw I’m using 5.2.26

Did you open Inbound TCP port of message server on the Server? By default it should be 9000

I did yes. I’m using port 8080. I have used telnet to test the inbound port and it works fine. I think the return path is the issue.

If you think firewall is issue easiest test is to turn off firewall for a bit to test.

Yep did that. Turned off windows firewall on both client and server, didn’t fix the problem.

Can you explain how the return connection works. does it create a connection when it needs to send a message to a client or is the connection persistent?

Have never had to do anything on client, only on server.
Did you enable service?
When you say status not updated on clients can you elaborate?

The entity status screen used to change colors with changes to a ticket without needing to refresh.

The service is definitely running and the client has the box ticket. I get the green connected word in the bottom right. As far as I can tell the client simply doesn’t receive a response when something is updated on another client.

You have server host in the message server tight?
Not running multiple message server instances on each machine?

No, only one message server

Port 8080 never worked for me for V5.

I am using Port 9000 then try to use this one.

yeah i have tried changing the port with no luck… it started when we got a new router for our internet connection so i suspect the problem could be there, but the issue is definitely in the return path of the traffic… - i.e when a change is initiated somewhere else and a client is receiving a message.

Is there any detailed documentation on how this traffic works that i can take a look at ? otherwise i’ll try wiresharking the message server.

Set port to 9000+ and Connect to it with http://servername

Thanks Jesse, i’ll give it a try.

Unfortunately this hasn’t worked Jesse… the http request provide a malformed response… i’m going to try removing the router and replacing it with an older one to see if i can correct the issue.

Thanks for all your help everyone.

You need to install it on port 9000+ for http to work.

yep i did mate, i moved it to port 9000 and tried it…

all good, thanks for your help. I’m going to try the networking change and see if that resolves it - then i’ll at least know if the router change was the cause.

Not 9000 it’s 9000+ the + is part of it.

yeah, i tried that and it threw an error, so i figured you mean 9000+ as in higher than 9000. i’ll try it again mate, ta.

Are you one the latest version. Of sambapos?